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Why Having A Regular And Proper Skin Care Routine Is Important.

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Wondering how you can benefit from a regular skincare routine?

Many of us don’t have a regular let alone proper skincare routine, so making sure that you take good care of your skin is more important than you may think. The skin is the largest organ of the body it performs several functions that are vital to the survival and health of the body. One of its key functions is to protect our body’s other organs as well as bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Your skin absorbs everything that you put on to it and its important to be conscious of what you put on your skin.

Do you know what’s in your skincare products?

Do you really know what’s inside of your skincare products? Many of us are not aware of the ingredients that are inside of our products. A lot of them contain harsh chemicals and toxins. It’s important to understand and be fully aware of the products that you put onto your skin. Even the use of “Fragrance” listed on the back of products can also be a way for companies to hide other chemicals that they have added to sustain a longer shelf life for products.

Natural ingredients have a shelf life of one to two years of an expiration date. Anything past that should not be used to ensure the safety of your health. If products do not have an expiration date I would recommend not using them. If you ever find yourself holding onto skincare products for several years, its also best to toss those in the trash.  When you go to put those products on you can notice that there is no change in the appearance or odor. It still smells and looks as it did when you first purchased it. It may look and smell good, but it is not safe to use. There is bacteria that the eyes cannot see, and it can be very harmful and dangerous to your health.

Why I use skincare products without synthetic fragrances.

The sense of smell is like an emotional feel good to our brains and our perception of what smells good and what smells bad. Is determined through context and the power of suggestion. As much as we enjoy things that smell pleasant, it’s all a learned behavior so is enjoying things that do not smell good. People do no choose their skincare products based on what smells worst to them. Most people are looking for what smells great to them. Artificial fragrances can cause huge skin and health issues if used constantly over time.

I have been forced to unlearn the very foundation of what product formulators have been trying to trick our brains. Into thinking that smell good products are best. Being a creator of natural and organic skincare products, it really gives me great pleasure to know that. What Body Butters Creations puts into the products are pure and organic. We use natural essential oils, butters and oils to formulate our skincare products. If you are looking for the best skin care products we strive on combining health and beauty. Body Butters Creations has a wonderful collection of conscious skincare products.


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