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What Is Lip Balm Base?

Shea Butter and Nuts (Organic, Cruelty-free ingredients)

A lip balm base is a base that is created for DIY lovers and it takes the guesswork out of trying to make the perfect batch of lip balms. You don’t have to purchase each ingredient to create your balms. It has a very creamy consistency, is not sticky, and is long-wearing. At Body Butters Creations our versatile Lip balm base can be used in either a Chapstick type tube or a lip balm pot. Using a lip balm base is the easiest way to efficiently create the perfect lip balms.

How do you make a lip balm base?

Making a lip balm base can be easy, you do have to purchase each ingredient to create a lip balm base. Using natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and cosmetic wax is the easiest way to create a natural lip balm base. If you are looking to create a vegan lip balm base, I would suggest using a plant-based wax that is stable enough to not need another wax to create your lip balms.

To create lip balms, you have to have the perfect oil to a wax ratio for them to come out correctly, using too much wax can dry the lip balms out and using too many oils can make the balms too soft. You can find a lot of DIY lip balm projects online for free, if you do not want to create your base you can shop our collection and purchase our vegan-friendly lip balm base that has become a popular item for our collection.

How do you use a lip balm base?

Once you purchase a base, the only thing you must do is melt the base down and add your favorite essential or flavor oils. You can even add mica mineral or cosmetic glitter to your base for extra added shimmer. Using a lip balm base is super easy and has become a popular go-to item for those who want to just have the base created. It makes for a fun quick and easy way to produce lip balms. Our melt and pour base are basically as described above were you just heat and pour. You can use a microwave with short bursts for thirty to sixty seconds to melt your base.

The ideal way to melt your base would be using a double boiler method where you would add about an inch of water to a saucepan, place another small glass container into the water. You would then place your base inside of the glass container on low until it is completely melted, after the base is melted you can remove the liquid form lip balm from the heat and add desired essential oil or flavor oils. It is ideal to pour the base while it is still liquid into your tubes, let the

tubes sit for 15-20 minutes before using them.
If you are looking for the perfect DIY melt & pour lip balm base, you can view our vegan lip balm bases where you have a variety of base options to choose from. At Body Butters Creations we create more than just skincare we create food for the skin!


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