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French Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

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French lavender essential oil has many skin and health benefits. It has a floral, herbaceous, and fresh aroma. It is a must to have for relaxing and calming while balancing energy. Lavender is a plant in which the essential oil is extracted from its flowering tops. The flowers are what gives the oil such a sweet and powerful scent. This plant is native to England, France, Tasmania, and Yugoslavia. Herbalist from across the world have used the plant to cure head pains, fainting, and cramps for ages.

Uses and benefits.

French lavender essential oil is helpful for and aids in soothing burns, inflammation, cuts, wounds, eczema, migraines, insomnia and much more! it is a natural remedy that is useful for skin care, minor burns, scars and dry skin. Our All Natural Toxic-Free baby butter contains French Lavender essential oil which will help calm and sooth fussy babies. At Body Butters Creations, we created our baby butter simply to help with moisturizing the babies delicate skin. With our products being all-natural and chemical free you do not need to worry about hormone imbalances later in life from chemical and toxic ingredients like other products have.

Why you should choose natural oils vs fragrance oils.

Essential oils are extracted from the plants themselves and does not go through any chemical processing. Unlike fragrance oils which are artificial and contains many harmful chemicals, they are synthetically made scents. They contain phthalates which are chemicals that make the scent last longer. They are linked to a staggering number of health risks like allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens. Fragrance oils like other toxic chemicals can pass from the skin into the blood. We believe in using all-natural and organic ingredients in the creation of our products. At Body Butters Creations, we use 100% therapeutic essential oils to scent our skin care products. Shop our products today!


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