Our Triple Blend body butter cream is great for combating dry and cracked skin. As we all know having to deal with dry skin is no fun and whats worse is that if dry skin is not cared for it can lead to Atopic dermatitis(eczema) a chronic skin condition. At Body Butters Creations we want to help our clients take care of their skin with our amazing skin soothing body butter creams. The active ingredients in our Triple Blend butter is Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Cupuacu butter along with Avocado and Coconut oil. We chose this blend for the skin health benefits and its like having an amazing superfood for your skin, our body butter cream offers lasting hydration, vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs. We offer the best body butter cream  for dry skin and cracked skin that helps with locking in moisture without leaving behind the oily residue. We want to help you protect your largest organ we create food for the skin so shop our Triple Blend body butter cream to help you get through the winter season!

Our products are a collective of amazing organic, cruelty-free ingredients your skin will absolutely love.​

At Body Butters Creations we aspire to give our clients the best natural skin care products that they deserve. Creating for our customers is the number one goal. We want you to feel confident and love how great your skin will feel after using our products. We strive on using pure and organic ingredients that will fight against environmental stress. We want to help you take great care of your skin, it’s going to represent who you are for the rest of your life. 

By caring for  and protecting your largest organ you will be able to feel great knowing that the products you are using is created to protect your skin and provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Wondering whether you should go for all natural skin care products? Using natural products is not only great for your skin but it also helps keep our environment safe. With natural products you do not have to worry about chemicals being released during the creation of our products. We also offer cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty products for all your skincare needs. From our luxury body butter creams, natural soaps, organic lotions and more with Body Butters Creations beauty products the options are endless. 

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Become Radiant Within.

Get the most out of your skin care with Body Butters Creations. We want all our clients to feel apart of the process. Giving you the options to select skin care products that are created and tailored to your skin needs. That is the beauty of using our brand. We want to provide you with best natural and organic ingredients that’s going to help you with having the radiant and healthy skin you desire. By feeding your skin the nutrients it deserves you will get beautiful, glowing skin with our body butters, skin soaks, scrubs and more. We welcome you to radiant skin.

The skin is exposed to many different stress factors like air pollution, UV radiation, dust and so forth. As consumer its very important about what type of products you put onto your skin. You want to make sure you protect your skin against these negative side effects like anti-aging. Stress is a major enemy to the skin as well and cortisol that is being released while you’re under pressure causes premature aging. So, choosing products with natural and organic ingredients is a must.

Divinely effective and consciously pure, our products are created to give you a radiant and natural glow from the outside in. Our products are 100% organic and all natural. We formulate our products with pure love by taking care of the largest organ which is Your skin. It is created to protect all your internal organs we thrive on combining health and beauty. We are more than just a skin care company we believe in delivering healthy conscious skin food to our clients. We create amazing body butter for men, women and children. 

We wish for your inner beauty to shine bright. This is our commitment, promise, and intention to you and our planet.

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Our Commitment

We commit to always create radically, conscious skincare products with the mission of helping people all around the world find the perfect food for the skin.

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Our Promise

We’re here to elevate your skin and mind-body-soul experience. It is our promise to always provide all natural cruelty-free, GMO-free, vibrant skincare products made with love and intention.

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Our Intention

We are here to use our gifts and talents to ensure your largest organ, your beautiful unique skin, is loved and cherish with organic ingredients that lead to a natural glow and radiant confidence.

Light up the room by being confidently you! We want our customers to love how their skin feels after using our all natural and organic brand. I wasn’t always the prettiest girl in the room, but I learned how to carry myself with confidence. We want our clients to know that beauty has so many forms, and we think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. Taking good care of yourself will lift your spirits, because health is the greatest possession. We want you to love and embrace who you are with our beauty products. Confidence is key once you have that you are unstoppable. Try our Anti-aging & Stretch mark Reduction Cream one of the many products in our skin care collection. It will help you have the radiant glow that you desire while providing many health benefits at the same time. Let us help you shine through with confidence and love.

Great for the environment, even better for your skin

Natural skin care products are greener for the planet and has many great health benefits. Synthetic cosmetics and skin care products cause a huge burden to the environment. Natural and organic products need no animal testing, nor do you need to be concerned by the chemicals that are being released into the environment during the creation and use of these products.

Being conscious about the products you use will contribute to a safer environment for you and future generations to come. But of course, not only the environment you need to be worried about but also your skin. With the skin being the largest organ, it absorbs everything you put onto it. There are many products that are packed with toxins and chemicals. With Body Butters Creations you don’t need to compromise on the quality of your skin care regimen. By avoiding products with harmful ingredients, you will notice many improvements to your skin once you switch to natural products.

Our all natural and organic products will lead you to a feeling of health and well-being from the outside in, your skin will sure reflect that. Our All-Natural Toxic-Free Baby Butter cream is amazing for infants and small children, the ingredients are so simple but pure and clean that the entire family can even benefit from. Created with unrefined organic Shea butter and a proprietary blend of other natural and organic skin ingredients. Starting off early can help protect your children from having hormone imbalances in the future. Our product creates a barrier for the skin that will help protect against skin damage caused by free radicals in the environment. 

We Are Loving Leaders In...

Consciously feel good skin care products, that will leave your skin feeling like you just left the spa every time you use our products. We create with pure and clean simple ingredients that will leave you loving and wanting more from Body Butters Creations. Your skin is so important for your health that having a regular and proper skin care routine is vital. We have a huge selection of products for women, men and children that are chemical free. We believe in supplying our customers with great natural and beneficial skin care products for their overall well-being and health. Let Body Butters Creations products help your skin thrive we create food for the skin!

Our Loving Reviews From Customers

I have made online purchases for my Body Butters Creations and I must say, each time I have received my products promptly and before the scheduled delivery date. There, are always surprise samples inside and a handwritten thank you card, which I absolutely love❤ My latest purchase was the Anti-Aging & Stretch Mark Reduction Cream and the Castile Soap...in just one application I was able to see a change in the dark spots on my knees, which made me very happy...the spots on my knees have been a trouble spot since I was a child and now I am seeing progress! I love my products!!!
The body butter is great!! It leaves your body feeling silky, smooth and refreshing!! It's very cost efficient and she gives you a lot for your money!! She can customize any scent for your liking and there is definitely a lot to choose from!! So give it a try!! You definitely will be satisfied!!
Body Butter Cream
LaTia S.
Mango Butter Body Cream
LaKeisha offers a unique creation of products for the body, mind, and soul. Always created and blended with intention and love, she knows exactly what my skincare type needs and that it will bring me ultimate peace. The thing I love about, Body Butters Creations, is their mission of intent of every creation. I love that the product is are truly organic and ethical for the planet. I hope you absolutely fall in love with the Body Butter Creations and as much as I have!
Unrefined shea butter
Kimberly T.
Eczema Healing Butter

Evolution of beauty starts with feeding skin natural nutrients.

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