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Environmental Stress And Skin Care.

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Do you know how much the environment plays a key role in how your skin looks?

The skin is exposed to many different stress factors, like air pollution, UV radiation, dust and so forth. As a consumer, it is very important as to what type of skincare products you use. When you choose a product, you want to make sure that what you put onto your skin protects you. Against environmental impacts as well as against negative side effects such as skin-aging. Using products that have anti-aging ingredients can help your skin benefit against aging. We have the perfect cream in Our collection. Our Anti-aging and Stretch Mark Reduction Cream. I always recommend this to my clients, especially expecting mothers this makes for a great pregnancy belly massage cream.

Different types of stress can cause skin damage

Work-related stress is a big enemy of the skin. Cortisol that is being released while you are under pressure causes premature aging. It creates breakouts and acne, by using products rich in antioxidants helps combat aging and hydrates the skin. This type of stressor can have a huge impact on our skin. It can cause irritations, inflammation and can even lead to discomfort or sickness. Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. Unrefined Shea butter has many great skin benefits. It helps with inflammation of the skin, this is why its a favorite ingredient of Body Butters Creations.

What can you use to help stressed-out skin?

Using natural and organic ingredients like vitamin C has many great health benefits. It can increase collagen production, improve oxygen and increase blood flow to the skin. All while repairing free radical damage. You will have fewer lines and wrinkles, tighter skin and protection against environmental stress. Vitamins can help nourish your skin while antioxidants can help nourish skin from the inside out. Leaving the skin supple and healthy. Overall skin health is essential for everyday survival because our skin helps protect all the internal organs. It helps us fight off infections our skin is so much more important than you think.

Why using natural skincare products can help benefit your health?

Natural skin care products contain no perfumes or fragrances which is essentially a chemical and is synthetically made. It can cause allergic reactions and long term health issues. When you decide to go natural you will have more balanced hormones and no skin irritation. Natural ingredients have cancer-fighting properties. Many of them contain compounds that heal and prevent the development of abnormal cells in the body. At Body Butters Creations’ our mission is to ensure our products contains the most natural and pure skincare ingredients. Our products are made with the best skincare ingredients. We do not offer cheap quality body butter creams. We are combining health and beauty all in one.  If you are looking for the best and all-natural skincare products check out our collection of conscious skincare. Created for women, men, and children of all skin types and conditions. At Body Butters Creations we are always creating for the customer and we create food for the skin.


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