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Body Butter Vs Lotion: The Difference Between The Two And How They Benefit The Skin

body butter vs lotion

Having a regular and proper skincare routine is vital for your overall health. So trying to decide between choosing a body butter or a lotion can be overwhelming. Most importantly what you put onto your skin is very important. The skin is the largest external organ designed to protect all your internal organs. Body Butters creations create products from natural and organic ingredients that are conscious and amazing for the skin. Choosing a body butter or a lotion from our collection is free of chemicals and has many skin benefits. Our products are great for the environment and even better for your skin.

What is the difference between body butter and lotion you may ask?

Here is a bit of the rundown on the two! The lotion is lighter than body butter and has a non-greasy feel to it that absorbs quickly into the skin. Lotion is an emulsion blend of water and oils both making it great for those with not so dry skin types. The key ingredients as mentioned is what sets the two apart. Body butter contains just hard butters like shea butter and various oils. The body lotion is the combination of oils and waters the difference in ingredients gives the two products very different consistencies.

Which is better between the two?

The main difference between these two products is that body butters contain more oils thus giving it a thicker consistency than body lotion. The choice between the two depends on your skin type. Those with relatively drier skin can benefit more from body butter creams than lotions. Body butters are great if you live in colder climates also the harsh winter can take a toll on the skin, therefore, making it drier. Although I personally do not have extremely dry skin, I still love using a body butter because the moisture locks in a bit longer for me. Choosing either a body butter vs a lotion is up to the individual’s skin type. As long as the products are free of chemicals and perfumes there is no wrong choice.

What are the benefits of using a body butter vs. lotion?

A body butter vs using a lotion has many skin benefits. Shea butter is a skincare ingredient that is used for a variety of skincare products. Both a body butter and lotion has the same great skin benefits. As mentioned in an article online by mentioned about shea and a break down of other butters and their skin benefits. Shea butter is one of the most celebrated butters and for a good reason. It is a naturally rich butter that soothes and cares for your skin. If you are dealing with skin dryness, this is a great pick. It also helps cracked heels and even conditions like eczema. It will deliver high moisture to the skin. To add it has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It helps protect the skin against free radical damage, is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. and has numerous skin health benefits.

The added water used to create body lotion helps to add extra skin hydration and can benefit the skin in many ways. Lotions can effectively moisturize the skin and they are ideal for all skin types, including even moderately dry skin. During the summer months, lotions tend to be more popular due to the lightweight factor.

Still unsure which is best for you?

Of course, each formulation contains vitamins and minerals with benefits that can address any of your skin concerns. Once you have decided between a body butter or lotion, it’s time to find the best skincare products for your specific needs. We have the perfect products in our collection. Our Creamy shea butter lotion and our Triple blend body butter would be two great products to try. We even make beauty products for men so our skincare products are very versatile. Shop our conscious collection for these products today and save 20% off using code LG9 at check out.  At Body Butters Creations we are always creating food for the skin.


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