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What is Cruelty-free skincare?

What is cruelty-free you ask? A skincare product being cruelty-free means that none of the skincare products have been tested on animals or do not cause harm during the formulation process. With several skincare products on today’s market, finding one that’s cruelty-free can be a challenge. There are so many brands that claim to be all-natural or free of toxic chemicals, but how many brands are made with organic and natural ingredients?  With everything we have going in our lives, we don’t have time to stop and think about what goes into products we use every day. Taking care of your skin is more important than you think. It plays a major role in your overall health. Protecting your skin is taking care of your largest organ.

Are your current products free of toxic chemicals?

There is a wide population that is becoming more mindful of the products that they are putting on to their skin. There are still beauty brands that believe in creating healthy and conscious skin food for customers. Most of these brands use little to no ingredients and are free of chemicals and toxic ingredients.

At Body Butters Creations we create handcrafted skincare products that are free of toxic chemicals and will help with providing a healthy glow. Yes, we are geared towards the beauty end, but we are essentially combining health and beauty. We ensure our customers that the products that they are using are going to help protect their skin from environmental damage.

Why should you use products that are created naturally?

Using products that are cruelty-free will provide you with the safety that none of the products are used on animals and the safety of these animals is not in jeopardy due to the testing of skincare products. If a product must be long-lasting there is something in the creation that is not natural. Like all-natural ingredients, they all have a shelf life that expires if not used.

These products are not meant to last for many years. If the products are lasting for a long time the company has added preservatives to sustain the shelf life of the product. That is very harmful to customers most of these products can still harbor bacteria that can make you sick. So, in the end, having a product that is lasting years upon years should not be used on the skin.

Looking for a Cruelty-free beauty brand?

Body Butters Creations is an amazing skincare brand, each product is handcrafted with love and care for our customers. We use natural and organic ingredients to create our products that mean there are no harmful chemicals being released in the creation of our products. We create skincare products for all skin types and conditions for women, men and children.

We are loving leaders in divine body butters, cleaning bars, loving lotions, body scrubs and more. Shop our amazing skincare collection and save 20% off with code LG9 at check out. We create food for the skin and we are always creating for the customer.  Our products are great for the environment, even better for your skin!


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