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Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products

Natural skin care

What is natural skincare products?

Natural skincare is a product made using natural skincare ingredients. Ingredients can include but not limited to jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and tea tree oil just to name a few. With clean beauty being on the rise there are many people who swear by using natural skincare that their skin has looked so much better. As the owner and creator of Body Butters Creations all-natural handmade skincare company, I will say that I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin since using my own skincare products.

I switched to using natural skincare products in 2018 when I decided to create my first body buttercream. It was such a challenge I had no idea where to start! Once I gathered myself I decided to do some research on how to create a body butter cream? Once I found out how the process works, I then decided on doing a bit of research on what type of ingredients to use. My go-to on the creation was shea butter, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil and jojoba oil just to start with. I also added a hint of natural essential oils like lemongrass, lemon, and orange.

Is using natural skincare better?

I would like to say of course and the lesser the ingredients the better it will be for your skin. If you have the ability to create your own skincare products that will be even better. It takes a bit of time to figure out what type of ingredients you want to use but in the end, it is so worth it. I have noticed a dramatic increase in the way that my skin looks. It appears brighter and has an amazing healthy glow. You can also search for natural skin care products. At Body Butters Creation we have a divine collection of natural skincare products from shea butter body wash, face wash, body scrubs, and body butter cream moisturizers.

The benefits of using natural products is that you do not have to worry about toxic ingredients being inside of your skincare products. Your skin is the largest organ and everything that you put onto your skin is absorbed through your body.  There will be no or less skin irritation when using natural skin care products. Although the products are natural there are still a few individuals that may be a little sensitive to a higher blend of skincare ingredients. Organic skincare products can help with the appearance of more youthful-looking skin, there will be no chances of internal issues with natural skincare ingredients.  Using natural ingredients is not only good for your skin, but it’s also great for the environment as well. You do not have to worry about toxic chemicals in the air during the creation of natural beauty products.

If you are looking for amazing skincare products you can shop our collection of conscious skincare products. We create products that are not only great and amazing for the skin but also for the environment as well. At Body Butters Creations we believe in creating more than just skincare we create food for the skin.


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