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What are the best skincare products for babies?

Wondering what type of products are the best for your growing baby?  We understand that the baby’s skin is unique and naturally more delicate. Baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than adults’ skin. All babies have more fragile and delicate skin because of its finer and more sensitive and haven’t fully developed. The protective layer of the skin is still very thin which makes infant skin more vulnerable to harsh external factors. Including but not limited to wind, cold, heat, friction, and irritating skincare products. The baby’s skin barrier is up to 30% thinner than your own, and it loses moisture quickly and is more prone to dryness and irritation.

Dry and irritated skin can be uncomfortable for your little one, so it is important to take extra care and use products that will not cause further irritation to the skin. You want to use products that will help your baby’s skin vs hinder it. Products that are organic and formulated naturally is always going to be the best option when choosing skincare products for your little one. The lesser the ingredients the better it is for the skin.  At Body Butters Creations we have formulated a skincare product that is going to help lock in the moisture to your babies’ skin. We formulate our skincare products with natural and organic skincare ingredients, so our whipped body butter creams are amazing for the skin.

What are the benefits of using natural skincare products for your baby?

Using natural skincare products is going to help your skin in so many ways, with the skin being your largest organ you want to make sure that you are taking care of it. A lot of skincare products on the market claim to be all-natural and organic but are they really? When you look on the back of the label it has so many different ingredients which can be frustrating to try to figure out, so you just grab what you think is going to be the best option. Don’t get me wrong not everything that is inside of the store brand skincare products is bad. Some actually have a lot of skin-benefiting ingredients. You will always be able to tell high-quality skincare products from the cheap one. Most of the products have harsh chemicals in order to sustain the shelf life of the product.

The best type of moisturizer for your baby’s skin is going to be products that contain Shea butter or Cocoa butter. These are two of the best natural moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin types. They contain natural skin nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your growing baby. They act as a protective barrier over the skin protecting it from free radicals and environmental damage. You can create amazing natural body butter cream with these ingredients some of the butter-like Shea are soft enough to use on its own. Cocoa butter is a bit harder and needs to be blended with carrier and essential oils in a whipped body butter form.

Looking for the best natural skincare products for babies?

As I mentioned before at Body Butters Creations we create the best handmade skincare products. We offer our customers a variety of body butter creams to choose from. One of our popular body butter cream that we have for babies is our All-natural Toxic-Free Baby Butter which contains organic skincare ingredients that will keep your baby’s delicate skin moisturized without causing irritation. The importance of using our body butter has many benefits. Our All-natural, toxic-free baby butter has vitamins and antioxidants which will nourish the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. Unlike other creams and products, our body butter has no chemicals, we use natural & organic ingredients that do not cause hormone imbalances.

We use the best skin moisturizing products to create our skin hydrating body butter. Shea butter provides strengthening properties that are crucial for baby skin development.  We also provide a lavender scent, which helps relax and encourage sleep. You can check out our collection of natural handmade skincare products in our shop today, you can save 20% off when you use code: LG9 at check out! We are always creating for the customer at Body Butters Creations.


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