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WHAT IS SHEA BUTTER!? How Natural Products Can Give You A Healthy Glow!

unrefined shea butter

Shea butter is a fat that has been extracted from the shea tree nuts, using this as a moisturizer on your body. Especially your face can condition, tone, and soothe your skin, shea has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It is very nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, and it can benefit by helping to protect the skin’s natural oils. The color can vary from off-white to ivory colored, and its creamy consistency makes it a go-to ingredient for cosmetic products. The fatty acid in shea along with Vitamins A, E, C, and K concentration also helps your body to heal faster when the skin barrier has been compromised.

How Long Does Shea Butter Moisturize?

Its many moisturizing effects can last for several hours, making it a preferred go-to product over lotion. Shea combats oxidative stress, which is the effect the environmental toxins have on your skin cells. It helps your skin have a healthy turnover of new skin cells and supports the structure and tightness of your skin.

Many have concerns about allergic reactions due to having a nut allergy. The allergic reaction to shea butter is rare, even for people with tree nut allergies. The shea contains little of the tree nut protein that can trigger the allergies.

LaKeisha’s Personal Testimonial Of Shea Butter

From my own personal experience, Shea Butter has not only given my skin a healthier and radiant glow but also to the many Body Butter Creations customers who purchase our products as well.

“What Other Products Compliment Shea Butter?” Glad You Asked!

I absolutely love using the Anti-aging & Stretch Mark Reduction body butter cream. Which is formulated with unrefined organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter and a proprietary blend of other natural skin-soothing oils.

Now I’ve Got To Try Shea Butter!

The best type of shea butter to use is raw and unrefined it goes through no chemical processing so. It is at its natural state and contains all of its nutrients and vitamins. Check out our many selections of skin care products containing shea butter. That is great for all skin types and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

We even offer a clean and simple baby butter cream our All Natural toxic-free baby butter. It is specifically for infants to toddler age children all of our products are created with loving intention. Containing natural ingredients only that will not cause hormone issues in the long run.


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