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What does antibacterial mean?

Antibacterial is being active against bacteria anything that destroys bacteria or suppresses their growth or ability to reproduce. There are many natural soaps on the market today that can help with the prevention of bacteria spreading. It’s intended to kill or reduce the harmful effects of bacteria especially when used on the skin. Using products that contain antibacterial properties can help benefit your health in the long run. You can find antibacterial soaps at any of your local stores, always do a bit of research on the ingredients to make sure that there are no harmful and toxic ingredients inside of the products.

What are the benefits of antibacterial soap?

Antibacterial soaps whether used by consumers in the home or medical personnel in the hospital can reduce or eliminate bacteria that can lead to skin infections, intestinal issues or other commonly transmitted diseases. These types of products are key and essential for the following reasons such as individuals who are in close physical contact with people are at high risk for infection.
Elderly care such as retirement facilities can be a big risk factor for transmitting bacteria without proper handwashing. Individuals who are in settings in which infectious disease transmission is likely, food preparation, chronic-care residences, prisons, childcare centers, and preschool.

What are the uses of antibacterial soap?

Pros of using antibacterial soap

  • Antibacterial cleaning products are effective in health care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities where the patient’s immune systems are weakened.
  • Washing with soap and waters removes some bacteria, since bacteria can grow quickly, and rapidly antibacterial products remove more bacteria.
  • Using antibacterial soap around people who are more prone to sickness can help prevent them from getting sick.

As the owner of Body Butters Creations handmade skincare products, we strive on creating some of the best and natural skincare products. Although we have a collection of body butter creams, we produce natural soap products for our customers as well. We use natural ingredients that are not going to strip the skin of its natural oils but increase the moisture in the skin. We use natural blends of essential oils to help the antibacterial properties of our soap products.
Tea tree and cinnamon essential oils are two of the most popular oils that we use in our ingredient blend. These oils have been shown to fight bacteria and are safe to use on the skin topically when blended with other skincare ingredients. You can check out our shop for some of our amazing and natural hand-blended skincare products such as our Tea tree & Spearmint foam cleanser. We create more than just skincare we create food for the skin.


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