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Creamy Lip Oil

Our lip oil cream is a hydrating and moisturizing two oil combination! Thats right our lip oil cream is created using just two oils, Castor Bean oil and Grapeseed oil.
Blended with Candelilla wax to help lock in long lasting moisture topped with mica mineral for a hint of shimmer.


  1. Looking for a lip moisturize that will help to soften and hydrate the lips!? Well look no further Body Butters Creations has the perfect lip oil that is created with simple and clean ingredients. The two Oil blend includes Castor bean Oil, the benefits of Castor oil is that it is a natural moisturizer rich in ricinoleic acid, promotes skin healing with is beneficial for dry and cracked lips.
    The second oil in this blend is Grapeseed oil, it protects against free radical the oil works to soothe your lips leaving them looking fresh and supple.
    We top this blend off with a natural plant-based wax designed to lock in long lasting moisture an keeps the lips from being dry and cracked promoting healing over time

Silver, Pink


Ricinus Communis (Castor Bean Oil) Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil) Euphorbia Antiayphilitica (Candelillia Wax)  Mica Mineral

Shea butter, Mango Butter, Butter Pearls.




+ Hydrating

+ Locks in Moisture

+ Plant based

+ Cruelty Free

+ Creamy Lip Oil Base

The Application-Celebration

Apply desired amount with the wand, a little goes along way so you won’t need much!


Purchase Disclaimer: 7.5% sales tax applied during check out.

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