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24k Gold Face Oil & Hydration Nectar Kit

Our 24k gold face oil is thoughtfully paired with our beloved hydration nectar serum, creating a powerful duo for double the moisture and hydration. This combination is especially beneficial for individuals experiencing dry and dehydrated skin concerns


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Our face oil boasts a potent blend of powerhouse oils, each offering unique benefits to your skin. Here are some highlighted benefits from just a couple of the oils in our blend:

  • White Lupine Oil: Rich in Omega-3 linolenic acid and Omega-6 linoleic acid, White Lupine oil works wonders in calming the skin and visibly repairing the skin barrier, promoting a healthier complexion.
  • Green Caviar: This precious ingredient helps to stimulate collagen production, leading to smoother and plumper skin over time, enhancing your skin’s natural elasticity and youthfulness.
  • Sugarcane-derived Squalene: Known for its restorative properties, sugar-derived squalene replenishes the skin’s barrier and possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, making it particularly beneficial for acne and eczema-prone skin types.

Combined with our hydration nectar serum, our face oil offers a luxurious and effective solution for addressing dryness and dehydration while nourishing your skin with a plethora of beneficial ingredients.

Introducing the hydration serum: a water-based moisturizer crafted specifically for dehydrated or dry skin types. Infused with a blend of nourishing ingredients, it offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Rose water, renowned for its hydrating and soothing properties, provides a gentle touch to parched skin.
  • Glycerin aids in revitalizing dull and dry skin, restoring its natural vibrancy.
  • Panthenol facilitates cell turnover, assisting in the healing process of minor skin injuries.
  • Manuka Honey, with its antibacterial qualities, replenishes moisture while shielding the skin.
  • Sodium lactate attracts and binds water molecules, preventing moisture loss for sustained hydration.
  • Propylene Glycol acts as a humectant, locking in moisture and enhancing skin suppleness.
  • Hyaluronic acid targets fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.
  • Acacia Seed Peptide combats moisture loss and fortifies the skin barrier, ensuring long-lasting hydration and protection.

Incorporate this hydration serum into your skincare routine to experience its rejuvenating effects and unveil smoother, more radiant skin.



+ Hydrates and Moisturizes

+ Non-sticky and Non-Oily

+ Anti-aging properties

+ Nourishes the skin


Face Oil: White Lupine, Camellia Oil, Sugarcane derived squalene, Green Caviar, Guava Fruit Seed, Papaya Enzyme, Gotu Kola, Dragon Fruit seed Oil, Maqui Berry, Aloe Vera,

Hydration Nectar: Distilled water, Glycerin, Rosewater, Sodium lactate, B5, pro. Glycol, Manuka Honey, Hyaluronic acid, Acacia peptide.

The Application-Celebration

Apply to cleansed face, after washing use toner if applicable. The serum nectar is applied before the face oil. A little goes a long way.


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